reverse threading

the path back is the path forward


croppedclosesquare-upkerriMICREVERSE THREADING is a collection of thoughts and stories and ponderings…looking-backward-looking-forward.

Story is at the heart of everything I do… breathing moments through music, lyrics, and the written word.  Sharing these brings me back to root.  And somehow, those same threads carry me forward.

Living life with my most-of-the-time-sweet-but-sometimes-not-so-sweet-but-mostly-yeah-sweet artist husband David Robinson, our crazy Aussie DogDog, our fat cat Babycat, and missing my two amazing all-grown-up children, The Girl and The Boy, we drink coffee in the morning, wine in the evening and have the best days we can in the middle.

Yamaha recording and performing artist Kerri Sherwood is a composer and singer-songwriter.  15 albums and a bunch of singles and I’m still wondering what I’m doing in this industry.

kerri’s music is available on iTunes.

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