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an acquired taste. [flawed cartoon wednesday]

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have you ever been there?

i have literally sat across the restaurant table (or the kitchen table or the living room or or or) from him, on date night or any other night or morning or day, staring at his face, thinking, “geeeeeeez. you are DEFINITELY an acquired taste!”  but then, a few moments (ok, or longer) go by and love swirls around me and i like him again.

i KNOW you have been there…whether on a date or with your significant other…the times you think “whattheheck??!!??”  thank goodness that is balanced out with “you are totally my type!!!” or there would be NO relationships in the world.

i’m guessing he thinks that about me too (but only RARELY.  lol.)


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acquired taste & you are totally my type products ©️ 2016 & 2018 david robinson & kerri sherwood


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