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“beak-y” [flawed cartoon wednesday]

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idonothaveabignose jpegBIG copy 2

my sweet momma had a sweet nose.  but somewhere along the line my poppo, using a derivative of her first name ‘beatrice’ nicknamed her “beak” and, for a time, all hell broke loose.  she railed against his perceived slamming of her nose (which was actually a perky little nose) and was questioning of his continued use of his (now) beloved nickname when it irritated (“irked”) her.  “beak” morphed into “beaky” – the name by which everyone under the sun knows and loves her.  eventually, she even grew to love her nickname and proudly wore a gold necklace my dad had specially made for her (no, surprisingly, “beak” necklaces are not mass-produced!)  our sweet beaky-beaky.  ohmygosh, how i miss her.

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i do not have a big nose! i have an unusually small head!  ©️ 2016 david robinson & kerri sherwood

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