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editedcityscape morsel jpeg.jpgthere is maybe nothing that says “cool” more than a bass player.  upright bass or electric.  they have a certain air, a je ne sais quoi, that just quietly and intensely says ‘phat’.  phat definition

jim is like that.  he was the throw-anything-at-me-and-i’ll-astound-you bass player on a couple of my albums.  such a great sound.   he’s a top-shelf musician and i’m proud to have had his playing as part of my recordings.

bassplayer sharpenedhighercontrast.jpg

the bass player, 24″ x 48″

this painting makes me think of jim and also of several of The Girl’s and The Boy’s friends from high school.  they were bass players in jazz band (and every other band that our district offers) and they rocked the house.  many of them, like jim, are in chicago now and i hope they are playing and still rocking the house.


this cityscape morsel comes from david’s painting the bass player.  when i was photographing the full painting, i kept zero-ing in on this morsel….the city at night.  i love the fun of it, the color, the chaos.  designing products with this morsel was a blast!  i got lost in the possibilities.  just as you can get lost in the night in this city.




cityscape PILLOW



cityscape TOTE BAG


cityscape MUG


cityscape IPHONE CASE



melange button jpeg

check out DAVID’S thoughts on this DR THURSDAY

cityscape ©️ 2018 david robinson & kerri sherwood

the bass player ©️ 2002 david robinson



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