reverse threading

the path back is the path forward

dr thursday #3

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2mayyouBEpeace jpeg copypeace. the written word (or the symbol) punctuates the corners of our home.  it’s suspended on doorknobs, off of old window frames, made of old copper or tin, in my studio handmade by the boy out of a scrap of wood, a necklace from the girl hanging on a mirror, a chunky silver ring on my right hand from david…

“may you be peace” would be my motto, if we all had mottos.  i just feel like i can’t think of better places to lead from than kindness and peace.  way back in high school, a long while ago,  the-amazing-english-teacher-andrea made an impression on all of us – with her peace signs and her pay-it-forward-thinking; if my obsession with peace signs hadn’t already started by then, this indeed was its jump-start.

david’s painting MAY YOU wraps a buddhist prayer around you and is astoundingly beautiful. as i photographed it for his gallery site, i found myself concentrating also on morsels of the painting, each stunning in their own right.  this is one of the morsels.  may you be peace is simple and complex, beckoning you to be both of this world and beyond this world.  wishing you, today and every single day, this peace.


framed print copy

iphone copy  clock copy greeting card copy


MayYouBe leggings


MayYou copy

MAY YOU, mixed media 55″ x 36″

read DAVID’S thoughts on MAY YOU BE PEACE

MAY YOU & MAY YOU BE PEACE ©️ 2015 david robinson





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