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the path back is the path forward

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may you be. [d.r. thursday]

2mayyouBEpeace jpeg copy

the things i know to be important.  the things on my list to strive for.  each day a new day to try.

may you be peace.  may you be kindness.  may you be an expression of gratitude.  may you be fair.  may you be a good listener.  may you be curious.  may you be inclusive.  may you be communal.  may you be always learning.  may you be always giving.  may you be dedicated to truth.  may you be forgiving.  may you forgive yourself.  may you be affectionate.  may you be generous.  may you be loyal.  may you be present in the moment you are living.  may you be questioning of darkness.  may you be protective of others less fortunate.  may you stand up to inequality, inequity, violence of any sort.  may you be complimentary.  may you see the simplest of things.  may you push back against ignorance and the desire to not see.  may you choose health.  may you resist wastefulness.  may you trust your intuition.  may you be calm.  may you embrace entertaining thoughts different than your own.  may you be able to discern the difference between aggressive and forward-moving.   may you say thank you.  may you abstain from comparison and competition.  may you be honestly empathetic.  may you stand in your shoes and give wide berth to vanity.  may you be resilient.  may you avoid yelling at others.  may you try not to ignore others.  may you be understanding.  may you softly care for living creatures.  may you be suspicious of agenda and may you speak into it.  may you be clean and tidy in your space in the world.  may you breathe easily.  may you help those who need help.  may you lift others up.  may you teach good things to little ones.  may you be with voice.  may you be filled with spirit.  may you be excited.  may you leave things better than you found them.  may you be creative.  may you worry about the earth and those who follow you on it.  may you be responsible.  may you be progressive.  may you be a bright light.  may you love.  may you be gentle.  may you be a good human.

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MayYou copy

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heart in island sand website box

MAY YOU BE/MAY YOU BE PEACE ©️ 2015 david robinson & kerri sherwood


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may you. [d.r. thursday]

MayYou copy.jpg


may you prayer.jpgi remember my big brother skipping stones.  always my hero, he was inordinately good at it.  even over waves as they came into the shore.  it wasn’t just the flattest stones, either.  he could skip most anything.  there’s a certain stance, a certain fingerhold of the stone, a certain turn of the wrist, and the stone would defy physics, drawing an invisible ellipsis across the water, touching ever further out.

the concentric circles.  we sit in the middle of our own hearts, our own joy, our own pain, our own little worlds.

this mantra starts closest, a fingerhold on our own-ness.  each repetition is a prayer for one who is a step away, two steps, three steps, a community, a country.  the ellipsis goes on.  the prayer is never-ending.

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MAY YOU ©️ 2015 david robinson

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dr thursday #3

2mayyouBEpeace jpeg copypeace. the written word (or the symbol) punctuates the corners of our home.  it’s suspended on doorknobs, off of old window frames, made of old copper or tin, in my studio handmade by the boy out of a scrap of wood, a necklace from the girl hanging on a mirror, a chunky silver ring on my right hand from david…

“may you be peace” would be my motto, if we all had mottos.  i just feel like i can’t think of better places to lead from than kindness and peace.  way back in high school, a long while ago,  the-amazing-english-teacher-andrea made an impression on all of us – with her peace signs and her pay-it-forward-thinking; if my obsession with peace signs hadn’t already started by then, this indeed was its jump-start.

david’s painting MAY YOU wraps a buddhist prayer around you and is astoundingly beautiful. as i photographed it for his gallery site, i found myself concentrating also on morsels of the painting, each stunning in their own right.  this is one of the morsels.  may you be peace is simple and complex, beckoning you to be both of this world and beyond this world.  wishing you, today and every single day, this peace.


framed print copy

iphone copy  clock copy greeting card copy


MayYouBe leggings


MayYou copy

MAY YOU, mixed media 55″ x 36″

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MAY YOU & MAY YOU BE PEACE ©️ 2015 david robinson