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mountain in yellow sky [dr thursday]

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mountain in yellow sky CANVAS copy.png

when i see images of mountains these days, i naturally think about kirsten and becky.  The Girl is living the out-in-the-high-mountains life and the photographs she sends me are nothing short of stunning.  i love every moment i spend out there, so i can appreciate wholeheartedly her finding her “place”.

when i was little, we used to go to the mountains in upstate new york.  my sweet momma and poppo would rent a cabin in a state park and we would travel up there; they would always allow me to take a friend – most of the years this was susan.  i was the youngest by FAR (haha! are you reading this, seester?) so i was the only one left in the house.  i was always thrilled to have my siblings’ families with us as well.  my nieces and nephew were adorable.  plus heather was the perfect foil on the mountainside beaches (and long island beaches as well); as a toddler she flirted with every cute boy around every time i took her there.  she was with me a lot as a little girl; i took her everywhere in my little vw bug, especially in the summer.  nothing like a little girl who would seemingly deliberately throw the frisbee onto the next blanket where a cute boy was sitting and listening to his transistor radio.  what a fun way to meet ‘people’.  wink!

later in life, my parents rented  condos in the mountains of tennessee and the whole family joined them there.  sunsets behind the big deck of the clubhouse, shrimp boils in the field, frisbee and hiking.  those are treasured memories.

this image MOUNTAIN IN YELLOW SKY reminds me of every good mountain memory. its warmth, its simplicity.  both appeal to me.  the really funny thing is that this is just a mere morsel of one of david’s paintings.  together on the beach CANVAS copythe painting TOGETHER ON THE BEACH is where i found this and extracted it to create a whole new image. when i asked david where i could find this canvas in the studio the other day, he told me he had painted over it.  what?!  what was he thinking?! fortunately, i still have the image i took of it and have created a canvas art print of that painting and a close-up of it as well.

MOUNTAIN IN YELLOW SKY…just a little piece of TOGETHER ON THE BEACH.  both simple.  both dreamy.  both beautiful.

mountain in yellow sky product box BAR jpeg copy

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read DAVID’S thoughts on this DR THURSDAY

mountain in yellow sky/together on the beach ©️ 2018 david robinson, kerri sherwood


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