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weird moments et al. [saturday morning smack-dab.]


so there WAS this time…i was walking around the house on hold with some representative – i don’t remember that part…whether it was insurance or healthcare or a store… – and i wanted to send a text. so i started looking for my cellphone. i looked high. i looked low. i looked in my purse, by the bed, in the kitchen, on the sink in the bathroom, in my studio. i looked downstairs in the basement by the washer and dryer. i went up to the office. i ran out – still on hold – and looked in littlebabyscion. i was starting to get worried. somehow i had left my cellphone s.o.m.e.w.h.e.r.e. but where?

in the final moments before i panicked, i pulled my hand away from my ear to see how long i had already been on hold. voila! my cellphone. yes, indeedy, i was ON my cellphone all along.

it goes up there in the list of weird moments.

oddly, those seem to happen more and more these days.

i wonder why….


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3 thoughts on “weird moments et al. [saturday morning smack-dab.]

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  2. O lordy, you really are a sister of a different mother! Just did that AGAIN this week whilst on the horn with a (dearly loved but long-winded) friend. I pace and climb stairs when on the phone as it’s a convenient time to add to the daily minimum of 10,000 steps, and was scampering about and gesturing to The Husband to help me FIND MY PHONE, DAMNIT, I LOST MY STUPID PHONE…. Like, creaky knees, hot flashes and insomnia aren’t enough, I’m losing my marbles too?

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