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good for the soul. [two artists tuesday]

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the smell of weed wafted around us.

their genre is listed as: jam band, bluegrass, country music, psychedelic rock, neo-pyschedelia, progressive bluegrass, rock and they are fearless about crossing all the invisible lines.

i don’t think i have been at a concert where absolutely everyone stood up and where absolutely everyone spanned the widest-ever spectrum of age. tie-dye, flannel, jeans, bell-bottoms, patch-laden vests and jackets, leather, maxi dresses – it was an everything-goes phenomenon of fashion. mostly, people wore their love of this band and gigantic contagious zeal.

“you’re going to do so much dancing,” our daughter texted, laughing. she was right. the dancing never stopped. everyone – again, absolutely everyone – danced with everyone, absolutely everyone.

the sidewalk and lobby outside the theatre in milwaukee made me feel a little out-of-body and a little like it was 1976. security officers, metal detectors, bag searches, lots of cigarette smoke and that distinct smell of pot…yes…a little out-of-body. there were so many people. it’s been a minute since we have been in a mob. we wove our way through, ordered a wine at the bar, asked if we could bring it inside and found our way to our seats.

the adorable couple next to us were probably the ages of our kids. they had left their three year old and their one year old at home with his mom. they were at their fourth string cheese incident concert. they had hard seltzers in their hands and seemed to be in bliss. the guy on the other side of me was already a tad bit wasted. he must have decided that i was not a worthy neighbor because he and his seatmate moved somewhere in the first few minutes. i wasn’t totally unhappy about that. to reiterate, a little out-of-our-element.

SCI played non-stop for hours, only taking an intermission break. their energy ignited the happy-factor in the audience and the whole concert was one giant ovation.

we laughed as we made our way out through the crowd, found littlebabyscion in its parking garage and drove home. sometimes a little out-of-body is good for the soul.


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